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Dialog production :: Dialog J-201BM - Powered 3-component acoustic system

Powered 3-component acoustic system Dialog Jazz J-201BM

 J-201BM main photo
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Product specifications
Power RMS, W64
ComponentsSubwoofer, 2 satellites
Power supplyBuilt-in
Inputs3 Stereo inputs (3x 2RCA)
Remote controlFull-scale infrared
IndicatorsLuminescent display
Power cable length (m)1,5
Loudspeaker(s)5,25″ (on the right side)
Power (W)40
Impedance (Ohm)6
Frequency range(Hz-Hz)20-250
Run-out materialPaper
Phase inverterPipe on front panel, D=65, L=100 mm
Magnetic shieldingYes
CaseMDF, 8 mm
GrillSilver metal
Overall dimensions (H*L*D, mm)300*160*350
Loudspeaker(s)HF - 1″, LF - 3″
Power (W)HF - 2, LF - 10
Impedance (Ohm)HF - 4, LF - 4
Frequency range (Hz-kHz)200-20
Run-out materialHF - foil, LF - paper
Phase inverterPipe on rear panel, D=22, L=40 mm
Magnetic shieldingYes
CaseMDF, 4 mm
GrillSilver fabric
Overall dimensions (H*L*D, mm)280*90*105
Supplied partsSubwoofer, 2 satellites, infrared remote control, signal source connection cable 3.5 mm stereo minijack -> 2RCA, warranty card, user manual, packaging
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