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Dialog - about company

Dialog Ltd. is one of the oldest IT companies in Russia, working on the IT market since 1988. Currently, the main focus of the company is the distribution of computer accessories under the brand name Dialog.

The product range consists of 276 items of the following groups:
  • Dialog acoustic systems: 60 models of, from mobile portable and inexpensive plastic stereo speakers to design, 2.1 systems and complete wooden home theater kits with high-quality multi-channel speakers;
  • Microphones: 5 models of, desktop microphones and clip microphones, with mounts on the monitor and on clothes, on a hinge, with flexible legs and switches;
  • Headphones: 10 models of, wired and radio, including those working via Bluetooth; full-size, overhead, intra-channel, plug-in, with various types of mini-jack connectors and with a USB interface and hardware support for multi-channel sound, with a headband and neck, in a variety of colors;
  • Headsets: 13 models of, most of our headphones also exist in the form of headsets, that is, headphones with a microphone, they are also called headphones. It is very convenient for communicating via instant messengers, conferencing programs, social networks and other voice and video communication programs, as well as for live communication in online games; Mobile headsets can be used with mobile phones, smartphones, tablets.
  • PC Wheels: 6 models of, game devices for the racing simulator genre, from beginner to advanced level, with vibration, feedback, macro support, backlight, support for both PC and game consoles
  • Gamepads: 7 models of, game joysticks with digital and analog modes and controls, there are models with vibration, wired and wireless, with support for PC and game consoles
  • Batteries and accumulators: 2 models of, The most common sizes and types. Finger, little, tablet, saline, alkaline, metal hydride and lithium. Our batteries and accumulators have passed testing, which showed that they are not inferior to most of the popular brands presented on the market of the EAEU CU countries
  • Mice: 38 models of, for every taste, from budget office to gaming models with a resolution of up to 3200dpi, wired and wireless, with and without backlight, laser and optical, classic and with a large number of customizable buttons and on-the-fly sensitivity
  • Keyboards: 22 models of, office, classic, multimedia, gaming. All our keyboards have a well-read, contrastingly printed Russian font; There are compact models, models with improved ergonomics and a palm rest, models with backlit keys, game models with macro storage and an invigorating design.
  • Dialog wireless sets : 3 models of, classic and game models - wireless sets are a set of keyboard and mouse, made in a single design and controlled through one wireless USB receiver
  • Cables: 45 models of, the widest range of audio-video power and data cables of all modern types, of various lengths, analog and digital, for any type of domestic use
  • Dialog wired sets : 2 models of, classic and game models - wired sets are a set of keyboard and mouse, made in a single design

In deference to the wishes of consumers, the company is committed to continuous updating of model lines, improving the design and specifications of products, offering high quality and reliable products built using advanced technology and materials.

A brief history of the company:

JSC "DialogInvest" was registered in 1988 in St. Petersburg, Russia, as a joint venture under the number 7. Prior to 1992, it was a joint venture of the Moscow branch of the "Dialog". Next, it became an independent company with foreign capital. From 1999 to the present time, the company has focused its efforts on developing and strengthening the strategic direction of distribution of multimedia products under its own brand name Dialog.

DIALOG logo - Registered trade mark

Sales geography of Dialog trade mark covers all regions of the Russian Federation and many CIS countries and expands constantly.
There are many authorized service centers, located in all sales regions, which provides warranty and post-warranty repair of Dialog products. We permamently increase the number of service centers and their work quality.

Dialog products are manufactured in factories located in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. All production is certified according to the international quality standards. Each new model before it appears in the product portfolio, held several preliminary stages - full or partial development and design, prototype debugging, testing, and debugging with the completion of the final correction of identified deficiencies. Only after that new model goes into production, and post-marketing necessarily fall under the tight control of quality. Therefore, we are confident of a consistently high quality of our products. All products are certified in accordance with the standards of the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
Our postal address: 199106, Russia, St. Petersburg, Sredniy avenue of Vasilyevskiy island, 86.
Contact phone/fax: +7 (812) 320-57-67, +7 (812) 207-12-65 (multichannel)
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